Thank you so much to the “Smug Memorial Golfers” who participated in the 2nd Annual SMUG Classic on Saturday, July 23rd at the Airport National Public Golf Course.  Your participation and generous donations raised a total of $650 for suicide prevention work at the Foundation 2 Crisis Center.

This funding allows us to:

·         purchase resources such as books, DVD’s and other printed materials on suicide grief for our library, which may be made available to survivors of suicide

·         purchase suicide grief materials to create packets to distribute to survivors of suicide

·         offer community outreach and suicide crisis intervention services provided by Foundation 2 Crisis Center staff

·         provide suicide prevention and intervention trainings such as scholarships for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Foundation 2 Crisis Center counselors work every day to prevent one more suicide from occurring.  We are very grateful to the Chadima family and Smug Classic participants for this generous donation.  Your gift allows us to continue our work in suicide prevention.

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