Thank you anonymous donors: we value you

Foundation 2 Crisis Services has always been a place to turn when life gets tough. We know that the stigma of mental health can be a barrier to accessing support. When callers know they can reach out without sharing their name or other identifying information, they often feel more comfortable.  Anonymity enhances an individual’s ability to share openly about the struggles they are experiencing, eliminates shame in receiving services, increases utilization of our services, and might be the difference between someone deciding to ask for help or suffering silently.

Each year, we receive a significant number of financial gifts generously donated by anonymous donors. If that was you this year, listen up: We don’t know why you’ve decided to give to our organization anonymously and truly, it may not matter. It is possible that you’ve received services and don’t want others to know.  Or maybe, you’re making a gift in honor of someone you loved who died by suicide and you’d just rather not get into all the details. Or,  maybe you just don’t want us to bug you again and ask for a future donation. Whatever the reason, we want all of the anonymous donors who generously give us thousands of dollars each year to know that we greatly appreciate your gift.  It is saving and changing lives and because of you, we can do more.

Charitable giving anonymously maybe one of the most altruistic actions a person can make. We appreciate your gift and want you to know it is making the difference in our community.

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