Celebrating 50 years!

As we celebrate 50 years of serving individuals in crisis, we reflect on the first five decades of Foundation 2 Crisis Services and where we hope to go in the future. Thank you for partnering with us since 1970, and for continuing to support our life-saving efforts in your community!

The same year that The Beatles broke up and a gallon of gas cost 36 cents, a group of Kennedy High School and Coe College students were laying the groundwork for Foundation 2 Crisis Services – then named Foundation II.

Photo: The group of Kennedy High School and Coe College students who started Foundation II in 1970. 

At the time, their grassroots efforts worked to fill mainstream mental health care gaps during a time when many lacked access to affordable, reliable mental health care. Over the decades, we grew from an almost entirely volunteer-run organization to a fully staffed agency, added programs and services, piloted new approaches and more. Today, we continue the founders’ innovative spirit through the crisis phone line, mobile crisis outreach, youth shelter, independent living services and more – all provided at no cost to our communities.

In honor of our 50 years of dedication, we invite you to learn about our history in a brief video timeline, listen to a short video message from our CEO Emily Blomme, board members and staff, or check out our website for more on our celebration. Together, you can help us share the Foundation 2 story to impact more individuals in our communities. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to learn more about our 50th anniversary celebrations, see historical photos and more.

Photo: A group of Foundation 2 crisis center volunteers during the late 1980s or early 1990s. 

In the next 50 years, we want to continue to be a trusted support when life gets tough for all people in crisis, and continue to educate the community on their role in suicide prevention. Together, we can be an integral part of supporting our friends, neighbors, family, coworkers and strangers who may be struggling with mental health or be at suicide risk, no matter what time it is or crisis they are experiencing.

 (We will) continue to be a voice that lets them know that they matter and they are supported, regardless of what their circumstances are, regardless of what may be happening or not happening. .. . We are going to continue to push and we are going to continue to let them know that there’s always going to be someone there.” – Renae Koth, Foundation 2 program coordinator

Crisis does not discriminate and it can, and does, happen to all of us. Foundation 2 is available for All People who need us, Any Time challenges arise, and Every Time someone might need us – knowing that people may rely on our support multiple times a day, week, month or year. Each time people reach out, we are here to help, ready to carry their struggles with them, lighten their load and support their next steps.

Photo: 50th anniversary display in the Armstrong Building in downtown Cedar Rapids in July 2020. 

If you have been personally impacted by mental health challenges, lived through a challenging life event, watched those you love suffer, or know someone who has been impacted by the work we do, please consider making an anniversary gift at a level that is meaningful to you. 

We value you – our clients, supporters, donors and partners. We couldn’t do this work without you and we’re honored to be a trusted agency when life gets tough for you and those you care about.

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Video: “Why we do what we do” message from Foundation 2

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