An update for our community.

As you can imagine, it’s not business as usual at Foundation 2 Crisis Services. Just like every other organization and company across the world we are doing our best to pivot quickly to continue to serve the community and our partners at all levels and keep our staff safe. Please see below to learn more the current safe-guards in place for each of our programs.

As of March 23rd Mobile Crisis Outreach has suspended all in person meetings. There is a telehealth option which allows counselors to video conference in lieu of an in person meeting. If you are interested in receiving services via telehealth please contact 319-362-2174.

The Crisis Center is seeing a large up-tick, daily, in calls specifically related to COVID-19. It is critically important we keep our workforce healthy so they are able to continue to support people in need. We have moved many of our crisis counselors to a remote workforce to allow for optimal social-distancing while still maintaining client confidentiality.

If you need crisis support of any kind please contact our crisis center at 319-362-2174.

Our Independent Living Program (Iowa AfterCare) has also moved to a remote workforce. The Department of Human Services has allowed for our Case Managers to utilize telehealth and phone meetings to count as in person meetings for our youth. We were incredibly sad to cancel Future Fest which offers aging out resources foster-care youth and young adults. Similarly, Achieving Maximum Potential (support group for foster youth) has been suspended indefinitely.

Our Emergency Youth Shelter is in a particularly difficult position. Our staff, at all levels, have demonstrated immense leadership. Youth Counselors, Case Managers and Management continue to report to work without complaint. They are truly heroes for the kids who need them right now. They are doing their best to ease the stress of young people, keep them busy, and informed with the right information.  We’re still taking homeless youth and those in high-risk situations.  We’re working closely with the Iowa Department of Public Health to have precautions into place (cleaning, temperature taking, and quarantine in rooms if youth are ill). We will continue to follow recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Iowa Department of Public Health. We are appreciative of their direction as we tread through the unknown. We are committed to keeping our services available which is why our employees’ wellbeing is so critically important.

Our sincerest thanks to all of our staff members who are demonstrating immense flexibility in order to provide life-saving services. They a wonderful example of community and we are so proud of the work we continue to provide.

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