COVID-19 Service Update

As the coronavirus pandemic has continued, we diligently assess and adjust our services and programs to continue to serve the community and our partners at all levels and keep our staff safe.

Please see below to learn more the current safe-guards in place for each of our programs.

10/30/20 Update

Due to increasing community spread of the coronavirus, all Foundation 2 Mobile Crisis Outreach services are only available through telehealth, effective 10/30/20. We will continue to provide our same high-quality mobile crisis outreach response through telehealth, ensuring our services remain available.

Mobile Crisis Outreach is to residents of all ages in Linn, Benton, Jones, Delaware, Bremer, Buchanan, Cedar, Jackson, Clinton, Scott, and Muscatine counties. This service is provided at no cost. Call 1-855-800-1239 to contact MCO, or visit our website to learn more.

We will continue to assess the situation and make updates as available. Foundation 2 phone crisis support is also available 24/7 at 319-362-2174.

Previous updates

As of June 3, Mobile Crisis Outreach has resumed in-person meetings. Our staff will use social distancing measures as possible, and utilize personal protective equipment. Donations of cloth and disposable masks, sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer are needed and accepted at our 1714 Johnson Ave NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405 location by mail or in person from noon to 4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To access MCO services, please contact 1-855-800-1239.

The Crisis Center has continued to see a large increase in daily calls related to COVID-19. It remains critically important we keep our workforce healthy so they are able to continue to support people in need. Many of our crisis counselors will continue to work remotely at this time for optimal social distancing while still maintaining client confidentiality.

If you need crisis support of any kind, please contact our crisis center at 319-362-2174.

Our Independent Living Program (Iowa AfterCare) will also be integrating more in-person services as possible. Telehealth and phone meetings will continue to be available as needed, and staff and youth are encouraged to practice proper social distancing and personal protective measures as possible. Achieving Maximum Potential (support group for foster youth) has begun a remote group. Their meals continue to be provided thanks to Junior League of Cedar Rapids.

Our Emergency Youth Shelter has remained open throughout the pandemic response, and our staff continue to demonstrate impressive perseverance and flexibility during these rapidly changing times. Youth Counselors, Case Managers and Management are working diligently to ease the stress of young people and will facilitate youth family visits as possible, per DHS guidelines.

We have and will continue to take homeless youth and those in high-risk situations. We will continue to follow recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Iowa Department of Public Health, including routine cleaning, taking temperatures, and quarantining if a youth is ill. We are appreciative of their direction as we tread through the unknown. We are committed to keeping our services available which is why our employees’ wellbeing is so critically important.

Our sincerest thanks to all of our staff members, community partners and supporters who are demonstrating immense flexibility and perseverance in order to provide life-saving services. You are each a vital part of our success and we are so proud of the work we continue to provide.

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