The recent earthquakes in Haiti may impact residents in our area, even if you don’t have ties to anyone living there.  Hearing about the earth-quakes may trigger Post-Traumatic symptoms in veterans and other who have survived disasters.

According to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Factsheet on Coping with PTSD, here are several tips for coping with PTSD.

·         Talk to another person for support

·         Practice relaxation methods

·         Increase positive distracting activities

·         Refrain from illegal drugs or alcohol use

·         Join a support group

·         Start an exercise program

·         Volunteer in the community

·         Call a counselor for help

Foundation 2 offers phone support through our 24-Hour Crisis Hotline.  You can reach a counselor by calling (319) 362-2174 or 1-800-332-4224.  If you are struggling with feelings related to the recent disasters in Haiti, or just need to talk, please give us a call.  You don’t have to go through this alone.

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