Below is a letter to the editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette about Foundation 2’s new Chat and Text services.  You can also read it online here.

State, county and local mental health services in Iowa are stretched thin and increasingly difficult to obtain and/or pay for. Funding for these services, especially for those who are in crisis, has diminished in recent years and the outlook continues to be bleak.

Foundation 2, located in Cedar Rapids, provides a variety of mental health services, including a special emphasis on crisis services. Foundation 2 has added a new chat and text service for those who are in crisis and need immediate help. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable talking on the phone and these services allow someone to log in and talk to a trained counselor over the internet or using their phone’s text feature.

People come to chat seeking a safe place to talk about everything from feeling suicidal to bullying to LGBTQ+ issues to depression/anxiety, and relationship issues. When people feel overwhelmed we try to help them find a place of calm stability. We offer free confidential support in an open and friendly environment.

The new chat and texting service is available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Friday while the phone lines are available 24/7. The available hours for Foundation 2 Chat & Text are expected to expand over time.

If you or someone you know would find it easier to talk to someone over the internet or via text, visit our website at to connect with this new service from Foundation 2.

Jan Ziskovsky

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