Barb Gay
Executive director
Foundation 2 Inc.

In response to the July 7 Gazette editorial, “Find home for youth shelter,” I want to clarify that there is a fully operational “welcoming, accessible youth shelter” in our community.

Foundation 2 Inc. has operated a youth shelter in southwest Cedar Rapids since 1976. It is a 15-bed facility for both males and females, and is open to all families in crisis.

From July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009, Foundation 2 had 349 youth admissions to our shelter. This represents a significant increase over past years. Our community is no doubt suffering from the impact of the 2008 flooding and the nation’s economic crisis.

Foundation 2 provides 24-hour daily services to youth and families, including shelter beds, independent living, a statewide crisis help line, gender-specific skill development and therapy groups, individual and family counseling, a food pantry, street outreach services, and mobile crisis outreach.

Foundation 2 will continue to collaborate with Linn County Youth Services to meet the needs of youth and families, including the work to determine the future array of services for youth in crisis.

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