Foundation 2 is partnering with AmeriCorps to increase school related performance of youth receiving educational support at the Foundation 2 Shelter School. AmeriCorps is recruiting someone to provide basic life skills training and educational support for approximately 34 hours per week over the course of a one year term at the Foundation 2 Youth Shelter.  Please see the link below for more information or contact Carol O’Brien at (319) 362-1170 or

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AmeriCorps members will work with disadvantaged, vulnerable children, age 11-17 who have experienced and/or witnessed trauma in their lives.

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This position is at the Foundation 2 Youth Shelter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Yearlong – 1,700 hours of service (average 34 hours/week). Living Allowance – $12,325; Education Award $5,550. NCJC MISSION:  Foundation 2’s mission is to be a trusted, compassionate resource for people in crisis offering counseling, safety, and support during difficult times . AUDIENCE: Youth who are court-ordered by the Department of Human Services/Juvenile Court and homeless or runaway youth.   PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Foundation 2 is a human services agency with programs reaching hundreds of children and adults each day. We provide a 24-hour crisis line, mobile crisis outreach, therapy services, a depression and anxiety support group, a suicide survivor’s bereavement group, a food pantry, youth shelter, and independent living programs.

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The AmeriCorps member will guide youth during afterschool and evening activities, modeling basic life skills related to communication, interpersonal relationships, nutrition, exercise, recreation, and self care. The AmeriCorps member will provide educational, recreational and supportive activities for youth ages eight to seventeen years of age.  The AmeriCorps member promotes a positive, healthy environment for youth which encourages skill development and social growth through individual and group contacts. The member will work primarily afternoon and evening hours facilitating programs; to support social and emotional development and provide positive guidance through school-aged youth and teen programs (school aged programs M-F, afternoons) and to advance school success through in-school mentoring and academic enrichment programs.  The AmeriCorps member will also co-facilitate group life skills programming using the “Let’s Talk” runaway prevention curriculum.

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