DHS and Foundation 2 Present the 5th Annual… Future Fest- for foster/adoptive youth ages 16-21.

* You’re 18… now what?
* Where will you work?
* Where will you go to school?
* Where will you live?
* What happens when you hit road bumps in life?

Future Fest will help you find the answers to these questions and more with our interactive resource fair!

Join us from 5-8 PM on Thursday, March 16 at Grant Wood AEA, 4401 6th Street SW in Cedar Rapids.  

Keynote Speaker: Kristina Glackin

Having faced many trials and hardships, Kristina once found herself in a very lost, dark, hopeless place. She was familiar with life in a broken home followed by a foster home. Self-confidence issues, substance abuse and eating disorders were a way of life. Her need for acceptance and attention led her into more dangerous, vulnerable places that brought even more tragedy into her life. But, the same girl that most people would write-off as “too far gone” has been transformed into a woman who is speaking life into others! And it all started with a leap of faith. Kristina shares her story of hope, faith and love not only through speaking, but also in the form of spoken word poetry. Her journey from pain to purpose is one that sparks something in the hearts of the listeners, she believes, because it is told with a power that is greater than her: Love.

Transportation is available. Please call Foundation 2 ILP Program:(319) 368-3376 to request a ride or to reserve a spot.

Dinner provided by Junior League of Cedar Rapids

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