This blog is from Foundation 2 Mobile Crisis Staff Jessica Copley.  Jessica writes about her experience staffing a booth at Future Fest.

“On March 15, I attended Future Fest as a representative of Foundation 2’s Mobile Crisis Outreach program. Future Fest is a resource fair for those aged 16-21 who are in foster or adoptive homes, and who are aging out of the foster care system. There were a number of participants to give these youth the tools and resources to be successful once they are on their own. Participants were divided by several categories, including housing,  finances, college, military, and other supports. Being able to speak with the youth, I was so pleased to be able to give information about my program with Foundation 2, which is a supportive program for those experiencing crisis in many forms. I was able to share our crisis line number, as well as to speak about the text and chat features offered for anyone who might feel more comfortable messaging with a crisis counselor other than speaking on the phone. The youth were very engaged and interested to hear about counselors being able to come to them to speak one on one as well.

After the resource fair was over, the youth were able to share with one another something that they had learned after speaking with the representatives of the various agencies. One youth in particular touched my heart, as she said “even though we feel alone, and the future is scary, we are never really alone.” In this time of stress and uncertainty, I was so heartened to hear that our message of support was getting through to the next generation. The transition from childhood to independence is scary for anyone, and no more so than the youth who will be aging out of the foster care system. It was my honor to participate and spread information about our crisis services before the youth are in crisis. Thanks to all that participated in Future Fest, and here’s hoping that the participants will always realize that they are indeed never alone.”

-Jessica Copley

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