FY21 Donors

A sincere thank you...

Thanks to you – our generous donors – we are able to provide crisis prevention and intervention services to thousands of Iowans every year. We sincerely appreciate your continued partnership to be a trusted support when life gets tough. All people. Any time. Every time.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our FY2021 donors (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021), listed below. Please report any errors to Katie Curtis at kcurtis@foundation2.org.

David and Christine Adams

Leanne and Kip Adams

Aegon Transamerica Foundation

Dawn and Michael Ainger

Faye Allen

Amazon Smile Foundation

Sarah Antin


Anonymous Fund

Anonymous – GCRCF

Quinn Arnold

Thomas Ash

Brian Azelborn

Ellie Barkalow

Daniel Barkley

Donna Barnes

Don Barriger

Connie Baugh

Mike and Jenny Becker

Lary Belman

Benchmark Inc.

Paige Besler

Emily Blomme and Jeremy Elges

Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation

Blue Ridge Graphics

David Boettger

Pauline Bornstein

Abby Bowers

Carol Bowden

Alexander Braun- Schoenfeld

Alexandra Brown

Tyler and Alicia Bruzek

James and Christine Bryant

John Bryant

Gayle Buroker

Michael and Marlene Cambridge

Marcella Capron

David and Alexandria Carey

Marjorie Carson Zach

Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors

Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust

Brian Cheney

Mary Chester

Ronald Chupp

Toni Cilek

Brian and Ann Clancey

Valerie Clay

Adrienne Coffeen

Tim Colton

Kathy Colton

Michael Cortesio

Marcia Crapo

Margo Crandall

Crescent- Janko Masonic Foundation

Amy and Dave Curtis

Jacob and Katie Curtis

Alice Dahle

Dave Wright Subaru

Betty Debban

Canface DeGraff

Wanda and Ron Detert

Joann Eadie

Trish and Ted Ellison

Susan Enzle

Michael Erath

Inge Erickson

Dean Ernst

Sandra Eskin

Jay Evans

Fairfax State Savings Bank

Farmers State Bank

FiberUtilities Group

Margaret and Kenneth Finkel

Judy and Dale Fitzgibbons

Robert Foley

Betty and Jerry Ford

David and Jan Full

Lisa and Andre Gallet

Lonny and Karen Ganzer

Genovo Technologies

Kevin and Mary Gesing

Scott and Julie Golberg

Kathy Good

Jane Gosch

Kay Graber

Great Western Bank

Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation

Susan Haley and Gary Luxon

Janelle Hall

Christy and Richard Hamblin

Robert Hammerberg

Dean and Dannette Hankins

Peggy Hardesty & Dick Socwell

Jade and Brad Hart

Nadine Hartkemeyer

Anita Hartwig

Dana Harvey-Moore

Becky Hass

Lisa Hawk

Richard and Carole Hawkins

Eric and Ann Hearn

Heart of Mary Cluster

Matt Heinricy

Lisa Henry Vasquez & J. Vasquez & Alison Henry

Tom Hess

Holmes Murphy Foundation

Joseph and Ellen Holtwick

Caroline Hooper

Robert Hoyt

Marcia Hughes

Evan and Julie Hupp

Mariah Hurley

David and Martha Hurst

Gail Husmann


International Paper

Iowa Giving Crew

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Thomas C. Jackson and Joanne Stevens

Jared and Carol Hills Foundation

Logan Jensen

John F. and Ruth G. Kulick Fund

Mark and Stephanie Johnson

James and Julie Johnson

Katie Johnson

Megan and Chad Johnson

Junior League of Cedar Rapids

Patricia Kacere

Edith Kadlec

Leigh Kelsey

Ralph Kendrick

Betty Kirchner

Matthew Kishinami

Mallory Klindt

Patti Knutson

Theodore Knutson

Barb and Ben Koehn

Jacob Kostiv

Clarice Krippner

Steven and Kathleen Krusie

Margaret and James Kubczak

Kunkel and Associates

Tim and Patricia Kuhns

Janet Kvach

Dale and Kristine Larson

Mitch and Lindsay Leahy

Judith Carlson Lebeda

Jennifer Lee

Legacy Garden

Ryan Legge and Family

William and Cheryl Lehman

Deb LeTellier

Linn County Advocates

Lana Lodge

Marilyn Lodge

Gary and Jamie Longner

Leon Lueck

Emily Manders

Bernard and Anna Manternach

Nancy Maruglis

Michael Mathews

May G. Gortner Charitable Trust

Laura Meade

Steve Meeker

Taryn Meeker-Noethe

Williams Meeks

Cecilia McConnell

John and Sue McDonald

Gary McGraw

Jacob McLain

Mike McMurrin Trucking Inc.

Bradley Miller

Mission of Hope/ Randy and Denise Fouts

Janet Monk

Paul Morris

Karen Morrow

NAIFA Eastern Iowa

Tim and Kate Nash

National Christian Foundation

Neighborhood Resource Center

Bob and Sharon Neilly and Family

Ronald and Suzanne Neil

Marilyn Nelson

Renee and Andrew Nelson

Network for Good

Newman Catholic Center

Megan Newman

Amie Obbereuter

Lea Olson

Scott and Penny Olson

Elaine Oxenford

Mr and Mrs. Richard Patterson

Kerry Patrick

Marie Peeters

Sarah Peters

PEO Chapter JF

Chris Pieper

John Pinckney

David and Susan Pohlman

Matthew Pollock

Kathy Polzin

Annette Pownell

Elisabeth Ray

Realtor Foundation of Iowa

Kim and Laura Reed

Phillip and Christy Rezin

Eunice Richmond


Jacy Rittmer

Jama Robinson

Lynn Rogahn

Jeffrey Ryan

Maria Sanchez-Masi

Kalli Sanders

Melissa and Michael Schechinger

  1. Schultz

Rob Scott

Don and Lora Shramek

Duane and Laura Smith

Ray Smith & Lynda Black-Smith

Terry and Gail Smith

Anne Steffensmeier & Elizabeth Gants

Dave and Mindy Sorg

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

St. Pius X Catholic Church

Marcia Stahl

Diana Stanford

James & Barbara Steggall

Julie Stow

Anna Strand

Gary and Nancy Strandberg

Eleanor Streletzky

Stephanie Striepeck

Linda Sulsberger

Sunrise Rotary

Jim and Susan Swain

Lee Swanson

Bruce Thayer

The Garden Wren

The Hoffman Family

The Linge Foundation

The Palmer Group

The Rohde Family Charitable Foundation

The United Way of East Central Iowa

Mary Thebeau

Judy Thomas

Erin Thorson

Becky Toner

Alexa Tornberg

Toyota Financial Services

Vickie Traynham-Smith and Lloyd Smith

Hollie Trenary

Stephen Tyson

Meghan VanHorn

Tim Vipond

Ashley Wagel

Barbara Washburn

Geoffrey and Laura Weber

Guy and Terri Wendler

Nancy and Mark Welsh

Robert and Eunice Welsh

Mike and Reta Wilkins

William and Cheryl Mead Trust

Karen Williams

Sandy Williams

Spencer and Andrea Williams

Janet Wilhelm

Taylor Wilson-White

Dale and Julianne Wirtjes

Craig Wood

Steve and Mary Young