Before the New Year Gazette staff reached out to a variety of community leaders including Foundation 2’s Executive Director Emily Blomme and asked them to tell us their hopes and goals for their profession and beyond. The responses are inspiring.  When you dream big, what do you see? You can read all of the responses online.  We have shared Emily’s letter below.


Executive Director, Foundation 2

Breathe it in! A fresh new year! An opportunity to start anew and try to be a better you than the year before. It is also an opportunity to support others and make strong connections.

You may not realize it, but single-handedly, YOU have the ability to impact lives. Even though it is rarely obvious and not often discussed, many people feel isolated and alone. At a time when suicide rates continue to increase, connecting with others can be a preventive factor in decreasing suicide and improving the quality of life for those struggling in our community.

As the crisis experts, Foundation 2 challenges you to reach out and connect with others. You can check in when you sense someone might be struggling, but also check in when someone appears to be full of joy! You can do something kind for your neighbor or tell someone you care about that you appreciate them. Instead of choosing to judge someone, choose to try to understand and hear their story.

We know when people feel connected in meaningful ways, amazing things happen! Connection is a superpower and it is in each of us — if we choose to use it. By connecting with others, you can change the trajectory of someone’s life. You can be a source of strength for another.

When individuals thrive, so does our community. We can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together through connections in 2019!

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