Foundation 2 turned 40 on July 6, 2010.  As part of our 40th Anniversary Celebration, we created a display at the Carl and Mary Koehler History Center, which highlighted the past 40 years of our history.  One main component of the exhibit was 40 Faces for 40 Years.  We interviewed 40 people (including 2 couples who met while volunteering at Foundation 2) who have been involved with our agency throughout its history including staff, volunteers, board members, donors and clients.  Each person was asked the same four questions: How and when did you first become involved with Foundation 2?  What is your most significant memory of your involvement with Foundation 2?  In what ways has your involvement with Foundation 2 impacted your life personally or professionally?  What would you like people to know about Foundation 2?

The answers were fascinating.  They were displayed at the Carl and Mary Koehler History Center through the month of July, and the exhibit is now closed.  For those of you who were unable to visit the exhibit (or who saw the display but weren’t able to read all of the stories during your visit!) we are happy to share the stories via the Foundation 2 website.

Click here to see photos from our History Center exhibit and to read our 40 stories for 40 years.

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