Last month Foundation 2 hosted an annual meeting for staff and board members where we celebrated shared accomplishments and recognized staff for years of service awards.  One of our shelter staff who received an award shared an inspiring speech which we are sharing with his permission.  Foundation 2 is thankful for our dedicated staff who are there 24/7 to serve youth, adults and families in crisis.

“When I started at the Foundation 2 Youth Shelter, I doubted my ability to work with at risk youth and the stress they would bring me each day.  As time went on I realized that this could be what I was called to do. 

As many of you already know, things happen in your life when you question your future and financial standing.  When this happened to me I decided that I just didn’t make enough money to support a future family and comfortable lifestyle.  I then left Foundation 2 for a month and sold cars.  I was excited for this opportunity, because I was a competitive person.  Growing up I played sports and had confidence.  The car dealership told me, ‘You are going to make a lot of money.’

As the month went on at the car dealership I realized that the clients that I thought would stress me out so much at Foundation 2 had actually made a difference in my life and who I was becoming.  Selling cars and making a lot of money was not worth changing who I was and what I stood for.  I wanted to help people.  I didn’t know why but I was sure I wanted to work with kids and young adults.

I returned to Foundation 2 a month after leaving and was accepted back with open arms.  There is something about the people I work with at Foundation 2 that no matter how stressed we all are we are in it together. 

Many staff have come and gone but moral of the story is that we all care about each other and would do anything for each other if it came down to it.  I have a purpose at Foundation 2 and my purpose is to bring a smile the faces the youth we serve so they know that they are just as normal as you and I. 

Thanks again for recognizing me for a service award.  This award belongs to the clients who have shared their stories with me and those who have encouraged me to understand each person has a difference story that we must handle with delicacy and respect.”

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