Fostering Futures: new program name, expanded programs

We are proud to announce our newly renamed program, Fostering Futures, and the expansion of support services for young people aging out of foster care and Linn county residents.

Previously named Independent Living Services, Fostering Futures offers support for young people ages 17-23 transitioning out of foster care to have the support and resources they need to reach and maintain stability as independent adults.

“Fostering Futures better captures that we don’t just want our kids to survive – we want them to thrive and build a positive future for themselves,” said Sarah Nelson, COO of Foundation 2. “We want them to imagine and reimagine what their future can look like, and we want to support them through that.”

Along with a new name, Fostering Futures will launch several new programs this spring, focusing on post-secondary education and violence prevention.

The Education Advocate program will support young people who have had a foster care placement, providing mentoring and guidance with a post-secondary focus to encourage long term academic, employment, and financial stability.  This program was created by the Washington State University Vancouver and Foundation 2 is one of only three locations nationwide to be selected for funding.

The Community Outreach program, funded by the SET (Safe Equitable and Thriving communities) Network, will provide mentoring and support for those who are at very high risk for violent victimization, helping to coordinate the efforts of key stakeholders—law enforcement, social services, and community-based groups—to interrupt the cycle of violence and retaliation. This program is not limited to those involved in the foster care system.

“There are a lot of youth who fall through the cracks because they don’t age out of the foster care system, and therefore don’t qualify for aftercare,” Nelson said. “We traditionally haven’t been able to work with them. Because this is more of a grass roots effort, it is totally unique to all other programs and we can help those who may have previously fallen through the cracks.”

We are thrilled to offer these new programs to better address barriers young people in our community face, including employment, education, housing and more. The Fostering Futures program also includes the Iowa Aftercare Network and Achieving Maximum Potential advocacy group. Learn more at

Stephanie talks about her experience with Foundation 2 aftercare services, now called Fostering Futures.

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