Foundation 2 is pleased to announce a new program for families in crisis in Linn County, Iowa.    Services are available 24/7.  Please call (319) 362-2174 for more information.

Are you considering hospitalization or committal for your child due to substance abuse or mental health concerns but feel like you don’t know what your options are?  Call J-FAST!

J-FAST is a joint effort of Foundation 2HorizonsASACAbbe CenterTanager Place and St. Luke’s with the common goal of serving youth with immediate mental health or substance abuse needs quickly.

If you are concerned about a youth in crisis, J-FAST can meet with you to discuss options.  Issues we can help with include: depression, cutting, violent behavior, substance abuse and thoughts of suicide.  We can be at your Linn County location within an hour of your call.  Additional services include:

·         Assessment & Referrals

·         Case Management

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