Get #TOOLS2THRIVE during Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month! We are partnering with Mental Health America to share how you can build your #TOOLS2THRIVE toolkit to manage and improve your mental health this May and all year.

Mental health impacts everyone, regardless of official diagnoses or personal experiences. Our mental health – including feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, frustration and more – impacts how we interact with our family and friends, how we feel about ourselves, and the decisions we make.

Knowing how to understand and process those feelings can help you or a loved one live a better quality of life. During Mental Health Month, we will be sharing tools that can help you identify how you are feeling and work toward supporting your positive mental health. At Foundation 2, we are here with a listening ear 24/7  when you need additional support.

Common situations that can impact mental health include:

  • Adapting after trauma and stress
  • Dealing with anger and frustration
  • Processing big changes

Check out the resources for working through feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, anger and more.

Learn more about #TOOLS2THRIVE with Foundation 2 on Facebook this month or visit Mental Health America!

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