Mental health support for back-to-school

Foundation 2 Crisis Services’ Mobile Crisis Outreach, J-FAST, and school-based services serve youth in times of crisis, including behavioral issues, thoughts of suicide, and mental health emergencies. As school resumes for the 2021-2022 school year, we encourage you to be aware of available services and how you can utilize them for your student or someone you know.

When a student is in crisis, the Foundation 2 school-based services team can provide additional support to help the youth and their families achieve and maintain stability. These services are available in the Cedar Rapids Community School District and Grant Wood AEA schools in eastern Iowa.

These support services include:

  • rapid, trained crisis support in the school setting for youth experiencing a crisis
  • transition services from a hospital or mental health placement back into the classroom
  • education support including IEP, 504, and other individualized education plans
  • continued case management for up to 45 days following a crisis

In August 2021, Grant Wood AEA expanded the Foundation 2 school-based services to all 32 of their schools, calling it a “peace of mind” to know trained mental health professionals are a phone call away if a student is experiencing a mental health crisis, according to coverage in The Gazette.

How We Help

A father voiced that during his child’s hospital stay, the child’s diagnosis had changed. Overwhelmed on how to proceed, he asked Foundation 2 to contact the school. The Foundation 2 CRCSD caseworker communicated the changes to ensure an IEP meeting would be held. The parent expressed how thankful they were for the Foundation 2 caseworker’s support.

How We Help

Parents contacted MCO regarding their child who is transgender and suicidal. The parents were frantic, trying to find resources to help their child feel accepted and get connected to the LGBTQ community. The Foundation 2 CRCSD caseworker was able to find many resources for the child, as well as resources to help the parents feel supported.

We are pleased to offer these confidential services to youth and their families at no cost. We believe that by supporting young people, we can build stronger, safer communities now and in the future.

The community and school-based services available for youth and their families depend on your location. For more information about services available in your county, see our map.

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