School is back in session! Summer is a time to be care free, but once another school year begins, it is back to business, structure, and sometimes chaos.  This change can cause a whirlwind of emotions for not only students, and teachers, but parents as well.  Excitement, relief, anxiety – all common emotions felt by everyone involved.  Each person adjusts differently to transitions and change, and no matter how many times this becomes a routine, getting back into it can become a challenge.

So how does a family adjust going back to school and help their child be successful?  Parents can help their child both at home and while at school.  The more structure, the better!  Monitoring screen time, especially at night to ensure adequate sleep can greatly improve functioning for the next school day.  We also suggest parents be involved with the school as much as possible – help with homework, be in contact with teachers, and demonstrating positive values towards the school can influence how the child then behaves at school.

Foundation 2 can also help if a youth or parents continue to struggle.  We provide 24 hour crisis services and our Mobile Crisis team can meet you where you are – even at school.  If continual help is needed, Foundation 2’s Youth Shelter also provides out-client counseling to both families and youth ages 11-17. Learn more about family counseling services here.

-Nikki Lown, Foundation 2 Family Counselor

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