What is Debit Deals?

DebitDeals was established in September 2010 by Larry Kane, president of Eagle Technology Management and a local entrepreneur. Larry wanted to create a free program that would benefit the community as a whole. DebitDeals benefits 4 constituents of our community:

  • Local businesses generate more sales
  • Debit cardholders at participating banks receive give backs on purchases
  • Community keeps dollars local
  • Non-profits and charities receive much needed assistance

How does DebitDeals Work?

Through DebitDeals, all registered Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust (CRBT) debit cardholders receive a small give back (rebate) on products and services provided by local participating businesses. Unlike other programs, there are no coupons or special logins required; it’s completely automated. CRBT cardholders simply swipe their CRBT debit card at a participating business and automatically receive the give back. At the end of each month, the total amount of give backs that each cardholder has accumulated for that month will be deposited as one lump sum into their CRBT checking account. It’s that easy.

How does Foundation 2 Benefit?

During the registration process, the cardholder is required to designate a minimum 10% of their give back to their favorite local non-profit or charity. We ask that you select Foundation 2.  This means that each time you swipe your CRBT debit card at a participating DebitDeals business, Foundation 2 receives a donation.  At the beginning of each month, Foundation 2 receives any funds for the prior month’s amount designated to their organization. The donation is funded by the merchant (not cardholder) and is electronically deposited from DebitDeals to Foundation 2.

Ways to Increase Your Donation:

Promoting DebitDeals to your constituents is an effective way to increase your donations through the DebitDeals’ give backs. Be sure to share this with your staff, board of directors, and volunteers. By establishing an individual Visa debit card with Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, you and your constituents will be able to provide much needed assistance to your organization, while also enjoying give backs. It’s truly a win-win!

It’s also beneficial for you to promote DebitDeals to the business community at large. By spreading the word to local businesses, you help grow the opportunity for income to Foundation 2.


How do I Sign Up?

To receive DebitDeals give backs and donate a portion of your give backs to Foundation 2, visit any Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Account Executive at 500 1st Ave NE or 5400 Council St NE.

To learn more about DebitDeals, visit www.debitdeals.com or contact any Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Account Executive. We are proud to partner with DebitDeals, and continue to be People you can bank on® to help build a stronger community!

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