What is The Gazette Gives Back?

The Gazette Gives Back is an annual program that provides subscribers the opportunity to support area non-profits in a meaningful way, at no cost to the subscriber. By November 14th all subscribers will receive a postcard detailing how they can designate their in-kind funds to any one of the participating non-profit organizations.

To support Foundation 2 subscribers can either click here or mail back the paper ballot provided in The Gazette. These will be printed on Sundays in November and December.

Our organization will then be granted FREE advertising space in The Gazette throughout 2017, based on the total amount donated to us though this program. This will help us promote our missions and causes in the upcoming year.

Who will receive the postcard?

All active subscribers will receive the postcard. Those with 5, 6 and 7 day service will receive $50 to designate, weekend and Sunday only will receive $25.

How do I donate to Foundation 2?

Click here –note that you must sign in to vote using the ‘Unique Subscriber ID’ that is listed on the postcard you received in the mail.

How much has Foundation 2 received?

Click here to see how we’re doing!

I did not receive my postcard. What should I do?

Please contact The Gazette’s customer service at 800-397-8333 or CustomerCare@TheGazette.com. After confirming your in-kind funds have not already been redeemed, they will take the name of the non-profit you would like your funds allocated to.

Thank you!

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