Crisis services act as a safety net for many at-risk populations, providing local support to individuals and families when crisis arises and connecting them to ongoing programs in their community.  Not only can immediate, local support often prevent a larger scale crisis but it is financially responsible to invest in services preventing the need for more intensive treatment including hospitalization or interaction with law enforcement. As suicide rates continue to increase, it is important to invest in crisis centers as they provide the first line of support to vulnerable people.

Foundation 2 appreciates the individual donors, companies and grants that make our services available at no cost to those in crisis.  In the last year this funding allowed is to provide active rescue to 218 individuals who had taken steps to end their life.  It also funded 5,237 calls with people with thoughts of suicide or who were concerned about someone in their life.  This support funded 47,971 contacts with clients in the last year.  Your support saves lives. Thank you.

Learn more about community crisis centers and the funding risks they face in this article from National Public Radio.

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