Dear Friend of Foundation 2,

Did you know that, in the United States, one person completes suicide every 15 minutes? Or that it is estimated that more than 5 million people in the United States have been directly affected by a suicide?

Experts believe that most suicidal individuals do not want to die. They just want to end the pain they are experiencing.

When suicidal intent or risk is detected early, lives can be saved.

At Foundation 2, our mission is to be a trusted, compassionate resource for people in crisis by offering counseling, safety, and support during difficult times. That’s why suicide prevention is one of our highest priorities.

During the last year Foundation 2 staff:

·         Responded to 41 crisis calls with a suicide in progress and dispatched rescue for these individuals.

·         Handled 591 contacts from people who were at moderate risk for a suicide attempt and 333 who were assessed as high risk

·         Spoke with 858 people concerned about the potential suicide risk of a family member, friend or co-            worker

Your generous support of Foundation 2 programming helps us to save lives.  Thank you!

Foundation 2 recently send out a holiday fundraising letter featuring a video about Foundation 2 services, which help to save lives in our community every day, 24 hours a day.  If you were unable to click through the QR code which linked to the video, you can also view it here.

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