What is the Green Bandana Project?

The Bandana Project – often known as The Green Bandana Project locally – was created on the University of Wisconsin’s campus in Madison, Wisconsin. The program works to spread awareness of resources for those with mental health-related struggles.

After going through a training program, students tie a green bandana on their backpack to indicate that they are safe individuals to approach with mental health related needs and that they know where to find resources.   ​The program promotes a stigma-free and supportive environment.

Foundation 2 and the Project

Foundation 2 partners with Cedar Rapids area schools to provide the necessary training and supplies for local groups of the Green Bandana Project. By partnering with area schools, we work to increase the support network for youth in our communities.

Students in the Green Bandana Project are not trained crisis counselors and do not provide crisis or suicide intervention. Their goal and purpose is to help connect peers with the appropriate resources if they are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Getting Involved

To learn about bringing Foundation 2’s Green Bandana Project to your school, please contact the crisis center at 319-362-2174.

Below are links to school-specific information for Green Bandana Project partners.  If you are connected to a school listed below, this information is for you!

For the Marion Independent School District Green Bandana Project information click here.

For a Prairie School Green Bandana Project information sheet click here.  For the participant list click here.