Emergency Youth Shelter

Foundation 2 Youth Shelter is an emergency shelter for youth, between the ages of 11-17, who are experiencing a personal or family crisis, which makes it necessary to temporarily live away from home.

Youth Services

What We Provide

The Foundation 2 Youth Shelter is a 24/7, 365 day a year emergency shelter for youth experiencing a personal or family crisis which makes it necessary to temporarily live away from home. The shelter is open to youth between the ages of 11-17.

Referrals are accepted from parents/guardians, law enforcement officials, social workers, and other human service professionals. Contact the Foundation 2 Youth Shelter at 319-366-8797.

Our Facility

Currently, this 17-bed facility is the only one available in Linn County.  We offer temporary shelter and support services to both system youth and youth who are not in the judicial system—a safe alternative to the dangers of living on the streets.

Our Goals

Shelter and family counseling services are designed to:

  • Restore appropriate parent-child roles
  • Clarify strengths, values, and needs
  • Aid in listening and understanding
  • Explore solutions to troubling issues and build skills in order to prevent or resolve future conflicts
  • Focus on preventing runaway behavior, suicide attempts, child abuse, family breakup, school failure, or the placement of a runaway or homeless youth

What's Provided?

  • Meals, limited transportation, medical care, and an accepting environment
  • Structured supervision from professional staff; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Individual and group counseling, educational programming dealing with youth-related issues
  • In-shelter school program is also available, and taught by certified teachers, for those not enrolled in the Cedar Rapids school area

Our therapy and support services also extend to youth