A trusted support when life gets tough.

Since we began in Cedar Rapids in 1970, we have focused on crisis prevention and intervention for people of all ages. Today, we support people across Iowa in crisis approximately 100,000 times per year. We are committed to positive youth development, suicide prevention, and helping build the foundation for stronger and healthier families and safer communities for everyone.

Our Mission

To be a trusted support when life gets tough. All people. Any time. Every time.

Our Vision

To build resilience and improve quality of life by ensuring every Iowan has access to our lifesaving work in crisis prevention, intervention and response.

Origin of our Name

Established in 1970 by an “anti-establishment” group of Coe College and Kennedy High School students, Foundation 2 intentionally positioned itself outside the mainstream, pulling inspiration from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy series.

In the book series, the Second Foundation was established to address important social and psychological issues from behind the scenes, without mainstream culture or government constraints.

Early Foundation 2 Crisis Services staff and volunteers made this structure their model, often tackling mental health care needs that weren’t addressed by mainstream providers.

No longer an anti-establishment organization, Foundation 2 Crisis Services maintains our solid foundation as a premier provider of quality, innovative human services in the Cedar Rapids community. We continue to meet our mission to be a trusted support when life gets tough.  All people. Any time. Every time.