Frequently Asked Questions

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What We Do

Our services include a 24-hour crisis line, a youth shelter, independent living support for youth, individual and family counseling, support groups and Mobile Crisis Outreach.

Our Mission Statement

To be a trusted support when life gets tough. All people. Any time. Every time.


Foundation 2 services are confidential. We believe that all persons have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

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Origin of Our Name

Foundation 2’s name has been a topic of conversation (and, at times, confusion) more than once during its 40 years of existence.
Established in 1970 by an “anti-establishment” group of Coe College and Kennedy High School students, Foundation 2 intentionally positioned itself outside the mainstream. Science-fiction fans familiar with author Isaac Asimov’s series Foundation Trilogy may understand more about the origination of Foundation 2’s name than they realize.

What's the connection?

According to long-time Foundation 2 board member and treasurer Mike McDonald,

“The Foundation Trilogy takes place hundreds of centuries in the future. Humans have left Earth and have settled on planets throughout the galaxy. It comes to light that a Second Foundation was set up in one part of the galaxy, which is unknown to anybody, including members of the First Foundation. The Second Foundation has been entrusted with the knowledge of psychohistory.”

In Asimov’s world, the Second Foundation was established to address important social and psychological issues of the day from behind the scenes, without being constrained by its mainstream culture and government. Early Foundation 2 staff and volunteers made this structure their model. The 1970s was a period of tremendous social change, in which issues like drugs, sexuality and women’s issues resulted in mental health needs that were not being met through mainstream providers. Foundation 2 was a behind-the-scenes place where individuals in need could feel comfortable and understood.

No longer an anti-establishment organization, today Foundation 2 maintains our solid foundation as a premier provider of quality, innovative human services in the Cedar Rapids community. Upon the solid groundwork built by the Foundation 2 Crisis Center so many years ago, we continue to meet our mission: to be a trusted, compassionate resource for people in crisis by offering counseling, safety, and support during difficult times.