Frequently Asked Questions

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No. All information that you give to us will be held strictly confidential. We cannot divulge any information without a signed release. To have any information shared you will need to complete a release of information form for us. This includes information you wish to go to your attorney, school, mental health counselor, DHS worker, family member or any other individual.

We are always relieved and glad that someone who is having thoughts of suicide is willing to contact us.

That may be the first response…offering our appreciation for reaching out.

We will ask about what has led the caller to the point of contemplating suicide and talk about how intense and frequent the thoughts are.

Exploring the reasons they have for wanting to die and also the reasons for living also is a significant part of our discussion. We make no judgments, and try to listen very carefully to what our callers need and want to say without fear of a panicked response or over-reaction to their state of mind.

Creating a safety plan in collaboration with the caller is essential when the risk is elevated. This, as you may imagine, is quite varied depending on the individual situation and whether the caller feels that they can succeed with the plan in place to be safe for a period of time. Safety plans include other personal or professional resources and almost always a plan for a follow-up call from our counselors within 24 hours or sooner if the situation warrants it.

Foundation 2 Crisis Services hopes that if someone is having thoughts of suicide that they will reach out to the support available 24/7 through our crisis hotline.

Please call our Crisis Center at (319) 362-2174 and we will recommend the program that will best meet your child’s needs.

Your child’s length of stay is dependent upon need. Last year’s average length of stay was seven days.

All Foundation 2 Crisis Services are free and confidential.

If you think that your friend may be suicidal, the best thing to do is to ask them the question, “are you thinking about suicide?” Although this can seem overwhelming, it is a great way to get a conversation started that may save your friend’s life. For more suggestions of how to help a friend who may be suicidal visit our Suicide Prevention page or call our 24-hour crisis hotline at (319) 362-2174.

No. Our staff tries to use the least intrusive method possible when assisting callers. Unless you are actively in the process of harming yourself, we will not call rescue. We also inform clients if we are about to call rescue and do not do so without a caller’s knowledge.

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Client Grievance Policy

At Foundation 2, our goal is for you to have a positive and productive relationship with the staff of all our programs as we work with you to help resolve or ease the problems that brought you to our agency.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, you may have a concern or complaint about our service. We ask that you first talk with the individual staff person that you’ve been working with most closely and make them aware of your concern. If the concern you have is not resolved to your satisfaction after talking with the first person, please ask to speak with that person’s direct supervisor. You are not required to submit your grievance in writing, if you verbally share your concern, the staff person will write a summary of your grievance and ask you to sign it. Before you sign, make sure your concerns are reported accurately and to your satisfaction.

In most instances, the complaint will be resolved at the supervisor level. If this does not occur, you may take the matter up with the appropriate coordinator. There are program managers for Youth and Family Service, Mobile Crisis Outreach, Crisis Center and Independent Living. If you have not been satisfied with the program manager’s response, you will be directed to speak with the Operations Director. You may reach staff at the following numbers.

Crisis Center Program Manager:
Youth and Family Service Program Manager:  319-366-8797
Mobile Crisis Program Manager: 319-247-0030
Independent Living Program Manager: 319-368-3376
Operations Director: 319-362-1170

The operations director can assist you in determining a next step if they are not able to satisfy your complaint or concern.