Mobile Crisis Outreach

Support where you are.

Mobile Crisis Outreach provides 24/7 in-person support for people in crisis. With MCO, trained counselors will come to you at home, work, school, or other location. Counselors will respond within one hour of receiving a request (adverse weather conditions may delay response time). Upon arrival, counselors will:

  • Assess the situation
  • Attempt to stabilize and diffuse the crisis
  • Provide counseling as needed
  • Provide referrals to other Foundation 2 or community resources

Within 24 hours after a call, a MCO team member will make a follow-up call with the client to check on the client’s well-being.

Mobile Crisis Outreach is currently offered to residents of all ages in Linn, Benton, Jones, Delaware, Bremer, Buchanan, Cedar, Jackson, Clinton, Scott, and Muscatine counties.

Mobile Crisis Outreach is available 24/7, 365 days a year. The services are provided at no cost to you.

This video depicts an actor in a rural setting for illustrative purposes; MCO services are available to everyone in the service counties regardless of the type of residence. 


Are there situations the MCO won't respond to?

Yes, for the safety of team members and the public, we are unable to respond to situations in which the client requires medical rescue, or in situations involving firearms.

Mobile Crisis Outreach is available to anyone within a 60 minute radius of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Dubuque. If you need assistance outside that area, the 24-hour Foundation 2 crisis phone line is available to anyone, in any situation. Call 1-855-800-1239 to learn more.

What can I expect from the counselors who respond?

Our counselors will try to help you with your crisis by providing on-site counseling, referral services and general support (bringing out food, transportation to a hospital, contacting other family members, etc.). Our trained crisis counselors are experienced and non-judgmental. They are here to help.

Will Mobile Crisis Outreach see someone who is under the influence of substances?

Yes! As long as the person isn’t actively violent, is lucid on the phone, and wants to meet with counselors, we will respond regardless of substance use.

Will Mobile Crisis Outreach see someone more than once?

Yes! We have no limit on the number of times we will go out to see an individual in crisis. We often see “repeat” clients.

What is J-Fast?

J-FAST is a component of Mobile Crisis Outreach that works with Linn County families of youth (ages 5-17) at risk of hospitalization, committal, or residential placement. It is uniquely suited to help parents or schools in situations where youth are struggling with depression, violent behavior, substance abuse, self-harm and/or thoughts of suicide. J-FAST is a joint effort of Foundation 2, DECAT, ASACAbbe CenterTanager Place, Heart and Solutions, Covenant Family Solutions, Four Oaks and St. Luke’s Chemical Dependency with the common goal of serving youth with immediate mental health or substance abuse needs quickly. J-FAST serves Linn County youth.