Jessica Johnson’s Story

Barb Hand’s Story

Mike Farr’s Story

“I cannot thank you enough for providing such care to people in a time of need. To hear that your staff provided kindness and compassion in the midst of crisis brought my patients a sense of ease and reassurance. Please know that your work does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by clinicians and patients alike.”
-Local Therapist

“Thank you so much for all of the information your staff provided- it is very helpful to have additional resources and to know we have support. Foundation 2 is such an excellent invaluable program! We just moved here… I wish every state had a program like this!!”
-Mobile Crisis Outreach Client

“I was very impressed with your staff, they did a great job of calming attitudes/behaviors and coming up with resolutions for my family. The mobile crisis outreach call went really well and we are grateful. Wish we would have called for this service a long long time ago.”
-Mobile Crisis Outreach Client

“Please let your staff know how much I appreciate what you do. It can’t be easy, but you are helping save lives.”
-Crisis Center Caller

“You all make the world a better place with who you serve and what you do.”
-Foundation 2 Donor

Quote that reads your service was a blessing. I don't know what I would have done without them; I was at a lot of what to do.

“The Mobile Crisis Outreach service is fantastic! Counselors were really helpful, letting us know that we could make it through the weekend until seeing a doctor the upcoming week. We would have had no idea what to do if it wasn’t for MCO.”
–Mobile Crisis Outreach Client

“Thanks for sending out the Foundation 2 Mobile Crisis Outreach team yesterday. You have a lot of great people in these roles. They were very helpful. Please let them know that as soon as they left, my son was smiling and closer to his normal self. I got some good advice talking with them. They were helpful to both me and my son.”
– Mobile Crisis Outreach Client

“MCO was just a wonderful thing to have; very beneficial. The counselors that came out were phenomenal. It was a pleasant experience overall.”
–Mobile Crisis Outreach Client

“Speaking with your staff last night made me feel like I mattered.”
-Crisis Center Client