All People

All People.

Our crisis services are available to ALL individuals, regardless of age, income, diagnosis, job or other demographics. We serve a wide variety of Iowans, representing many different identities and bringing their own unique experiences. Mental health impacts us all and a crisis can occur to anyone – that’s why we focus on ensuring our services area available to all people.

We provided phone, chat, text or in-person services in all 99 Iowa counties.

Our crisis services are centered around providing equal, informed access for all individuals. We focused on minority and LGBTQ+ mental health concerns and needs with employee education, community outreach and more. During June’s Pride Month, we hosted board members Bryan Mullen and Nina Sheller on our “When Life Gets Tough” podcast to talk about LGBTQ+ mental health concerns and ways to help.

“Sam was a transgender teenager (he/him) who was being mocked at school because he cut his hair short. He felt that once he told his family, they were unlikely to support him. He was having thoughts of self-harm due to his situation. A counselor was able to talk and empathize with Sam about the difficulty of his situation. They discussed coping skills and made a safety plan together. At the end of the call, Sam said he felt better and agreed to call back if he needed additional support.”

We made 3 crisis services brochures and cards available in Spanish for the first time. When a dual language counselor is not available to provide support, translation services are utilized.