FY23 Donors

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to each of our donors and community partners. Together, we can be a trusted support when life gets tough. Thank you for your support.

Note: Every effort has been made to include each individual and company who made a contribution between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. Any omission is accidental. To report an error, please contact kcurtis@foundation2.org. Thank you. 

Names are listed alphabetically by first name.


Aaron Murphy and Brian Kipp
Abby Panoske
Acumen Advisors
Aegon Transamerica Foundation
Alex Trunnell
Alexandria Carey
Alice Dahle
Allie Payne
Altorfer Donor Advised Fund
Amanda Romizer
Amanda Stallman
Amazon Smile Foundation
Amy and Dave Curtis
Andre Gallet
Andrew St. John
Andy Franks
Ann Leymaster
Anna Manternach
Anne Bohnenkamp
Art with Lin


Bankers Trust
Barbara Kalm
Benchmark Inc.
Beth Papendick
Betty Dubban
Bloomhall Donor Advised Fund
Bob Sanders
Brian Claney
Brooke McLaughlin
Bruce Thayer
Bryan Mullen


Carly Henderson
Carole Mead
Carrie Kellogg
Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors
Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust
Cherri and Joe Lock
City of Cedar Rapids
Clarice Krippner
Climate Engineers
Connie Baugh
Courtney Thomas-Dusing
Crescent-Janko Masonic Foundation
Cristy Hamblin
Crystal Group
Cynthia and Ron Bolar


Daniel Rammelsberg
Danisco IFF
DBA Guys and Gals Who Give
de Novo
Deb Ferguson
Della-Lynne Caldwell
Delores Brown
Dena and Tim Vipond
Diamond V Donor Advised Fund
Diana Siguenza
Doug and Jana Grimm
Duane and Laura Smith
Dupaco Community Credit Union


Edith Kadlec
Elizabeth and Bruce Ray
Elizabeth Maske
Emily Blomme
Eric and Jean Mote
Erin and Britton Langdon
Erin Foster
Evan and Julie Hupp


Fairfax State Savings Bank
Farmers State Bank
Forge Financial & Management Consulting


Gary Smith
Gladys McMellor
Governor’s Innovation Fund
Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
Greater Cedar Rapids Open
Green State Credit Union


Hal Dendurent
Harrison Akers
Heart Of Mary Cluster
Heather and Bill Ries
Hilary Hershner
Hills Bank and Trust
Hollie Trenary
Holmes Murphy
Housing Fund for Linn County


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #405
Iowa Solutions


Jaclyn and John Klimek
Jake Gonder
James Kubczak
James Quaid
Jane Baskerville
Janet Newham
Janice and Scott Byers
Jason Beech
Jay Schuldiner
Jeff and Susie Seitz Charitable Foundation
Jennifer Ferdig
Jesse Pisarik
Jess and Bryan Netolicky
Jo and Mike Cambridge
Joan Rasmussen
Jodie Custer
John Pilling
John Powell
Jonathan Doerrfeld
Josie and Michael Rozum
Judith Amsler
Judy Thomas
Julianne Thomas
Julie Hoffman


Karen Beisker
Karen Smith
Karen Trimble
Karen Williams
Katherine Manders
Kathy Good
Katie and Jacob Curtis
Keith Abkes
Kelly McKenna
Kerry Patrick
Kevin Tiernan
KF Engineering
Krista and Clay Shirk


Lary Belman
Laura Booth
Laura Meade
Laura Stallman
Leadership for Five Seasons Class of 2023
Lee Swanson
Lepic-Kroeger Realtors
Lesley and Tim Vancura
Leslie Dearborn
Liebovich Steel & Aluminum
Lil’ Drug Store Products Donor Advised Fund
Lindsay Reisner
Linn County Advocate
Linn County Anesthesiologists
Lois Prosser
Lynch Ford Chevrolet
Lynda Black- Smith
Lynette Lubbock


Marcia Crapo
Margaret Buonadonna
Marilyn Langhurst
Marion Independent School District
Marjorie Fletcher
Matt Heinricy
May G. Gortner Charitable Trust
McGrath Family of Dealerships
Megan Johnson
Mercy Medical Center
Mike Gary
Miron Construction
Mitch McElree
Morris Pounds


Nadine Hartkemeyer
Nancy Burch
Nancy Kodros
Neyir Bowman
Nina Sheller
Norma Colton


OPN Architects Incorporated


Pamela Read
Patti Seda
Paul Betterton
Paul Morris
Paul Swanson
Penny and Scott Olson
Peoples Church Unitarian


Rachel and Alex Rigdon
Rachel Koth
Rebecca Burger
Renae and Kris Koth
Renee and Andy Nelson
Reta and Mike Wilkins
Rhonda Braley
Rinderknecht Associates
Robert Hoyt
Robert and Joann Barden
Rohde Family Charitable Foundation
Ryan Buresh


Saint Pius X
Samantha McGrane and Brandon Boggs
Sandra Pierceall
Sarah Antin
Seidl & Seidel PLC
Shae Hale
Shannon and Eric Hanson
Sheryl Frisby
Shuttleworth and Ingersoll
Solum Lang Architects
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
Stephanie and Clint Brady
Steve Pace
Strategic Financial Solutions
Susan Daye
Susan Enzle


T. Daniel Hussman
T. Jackson and J. Stevens
Tami Abkes
Tawny Reed
Taylor Vanderlind
Terri and Guy Wendler
Terry Smith
The Accel Group
The Gazette
The Hall-Perrine Foundation
The HOPEwalk
The Paladin Group
Thomas Stephens
Tom Hess
Tom Shey
Tracey Achenbach
Tricia Kitzmann
TrueNorth Companies


United Fire Group
Unity Center of Cedar Rapids


Valerie Clay
Van Meter
Velma Seitz
Verna Boland
Vickie Traynham-Smith


Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Wendy Korte
William and Virginia Nelson
Witwer Trust


Youth Policy