Juvenile & Family Assistance & Stabilization Track

Crisis does not only affect adults. Children and youth in our community also experience crisis. Many do not necessarily know effective ways to handle these feelings on their own. Their internal struggles make them silent sufferers. Through our outreach and education, we hope that youth and teens who need help seek help from the resources the Cedar Rapids community has to offer them.

Youth Services


Are you considering hospitalization or committal for a child (ages 5-17) due to mental health or substance abuse concerns? Are you unsure whether to call the police, hospital or DHS? J-FAST can meet with you to discuss options.

Issues we can help with include: depression, cutting, violent behavior, substance abuse and thoughts of suicide. We can be at your Linn County location within an hour of your call.

Services include:

Immediate Crisis Response

A Foundation 2 Mobile Crisis Outreach team will respond to your
home or child’s school within 1 hour.


Case management can help quickly schedule a mental health assessment or substance abuse assessment with a licensed therapist at one
of our partnering agencies. (Linn County only)

Case management

Following a visit, we will help with the coordination or services,
connect you with local resources and assistance to prevent
psychiatric hospitalization or out-of-home placement.

Referrals to other services

We can refer you to long term support services including counseling,
intervention services and more to continue progress made with J-FAST.

Services are available 24/7.

J-FAST is a joint effort of Foundation 2, DECAT, ASACAbbe CenterTanager Place, Heart and Solutions, Covenant Family Solutions, Four Oaks and St. Luke’s Chemical Dependency with the common goal of serving youth with immediate mental health or substance abuse needs quickly.  The  J-FAST program serves Linn County youth ages 8-17.

For More Information

Contact Foundation 2 J-FAST at 319-247-0030.

Our counseling and support services also extend to youth