A trusted support when life gets tough

A trusted support when life gets tough.

People reach out to the crisis center for many reasons, including feelings of anxiety and depression, thoughts of suicide, isolation, substance use concerns and more. There is no “wrong” reason to reach out for support. Our trained, non-judgmental counselors are here for all people, like they were for Luke.

Support group sessions for suicide survivors were attended 199 times. This group is free and open to the public; it is led by trained individuals, often with personal experience.

“When Michael came to the Foundation 2 Crisis Services’ Fostering Futures program after aging out of the Iowa foster care system, he was homeless and unemployed. He had dropped out of high school and did not know how to live independently. Michael worked with his Fostering Futures case manager to re-engage in his education and build positive habits. Michael was able to graduate high school and secure an apartment. He is now attending community college and has an interview for a work study position at school. Michael can stay engaged with Fostering Futures through age 23 to help him reach and maintain stability as an independent adult.”

We expanded our workplace training services as more employers prioritized mental health care. We partnered with a variety of businesses, including construction companies, school districts and health care professionals, to teach employees about mental health, suicide prevention and more.

288 people attended our annual “Putts for Prevention” fundraiser in May, raising a total of $45,000 to support our mission. We also hosted Putts for Prevention in September 2021 after a COVID-19 postponement.

167 full and part-time employees. We offer a hybrid workplace for many programs that allows teams to prioritize their work-life balance while providing rapid crisis care.

Our teams provided 309 active rescues. Active rescues occur when a suicide attempt is in progress.